Woman with red dress

The Egg

Short feature
What perhaps happens to us when we pass on. Do we face grim death or just ourselves, mixed in with the true I of our subconscious. A cocktail of all our fears in one.

Country of Production • Croatia
Year of Production • 2016
Running time • 94 min.
Shooting Format • 2K
Aspect Ratio • 16:9

Offical Site • www.theeggmovie.com

Full Cast & Crew
Writer • Andy Weir
Director • Dominik Sedlar
Cast • Andrej Dojkic
DOP & Editor • Dario Bajurin
Art Director • Boris Krstinic
Underwater Camera • Alan Meniga
Second Camera Operator • Jasmina Mihoc
Set Decorator • Damir Medvesek
Assistant Set Decorator • Marina Maric
Makeup Artist • Sanja Hrstic
Wardrobe by • Silobrcic Nina
Sound Designer • Ivan Smintic
Script Supervisor • Meniga Lana
Double • Rita Medvesek
Producers • Andrej Dojkic
Executive Producer • Marina Orekhova