I'm confused... when was this new increase announced? louis vuitton purse 
Congrats great buys! :) louis vuitton wallet

louis vuitton outlet Congrats! I have the 35 and the same bag charm!

 Congrats on the Sarah Wallet!!That is my favorite style (I'm on my second!!) LV 

louis vuitton wallet I love the Verona. Its my favorite practical bag (ie not Vernis). Its super comfortable to wear and surprisingly spacious. It also hangs at the perfect height off my shoulder but doesn't look odd hand held either. The Alma PM is too big on me so between the two, I would go with the Verona PM. However if the choice was between the Verona and the Alma BB...that would be much more difficult for me. Good luck deciding!


louis vuitton luggage Congratulations, the color looks great and the matching lining is so cute!!!

Upload them to photobucket, and then copy the link onto here. I think there are step-by-step instructions somewhere on here if you search for them. louis vuitton
louis vuitton shop Congrats! Trevi is always nice to see being revealed over and over....